A Dreamlike Desert

Dorit and Tomer Linzenberg are people of the desert, visionaries who decided to follow their heart and never give up, even when things seemed hopeless. Today, they are living their dream with their children and staff and continue to pursue and fulfill it every day. The uniqueness of this place cannot be explained by words, it’s something you can feel: Dorit and Tomer love the desert and are connected to it in all their being. It is unconditional love, mutual respect and devotion and it exists everywhere and effects everyone around them: family members and employees who are like real family, and guests, many of which return again and again.


Our unique oasis is not only a luxurious retreat but also a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. At our hotel, we seamlessly blend modern comfort with an eco-conscious ethos, ensuring that every aspect of your stay harmonizes with nature. From innovative green technologies to a mindful approach in our operations, we strive to create an unforgettable experience that celebrates the delicate balance between luxury and ecological responsibility. Discover the wonders of the desert while leaving a minimal footprint.

Our Cabins

At Nof Zuqim we have 15 private stone cabins named after the desert streams. The cabins are fully equipped, spacious and luxurious and provide you with the utmost comfort – while maintaining simplicity and harmoniously blending in with the endless wilderness around them. The cabins are for both couples and families.


Facing endless desert landscapes, alongside the quiet horse stables, lies a pastoral restaurant that serves a sensational breakfast. A plate will await you with various flavors of fresh and refreshing delicacies.


Workshop and Retreat Center with a spacious lobby, meeting rooms and practice areas, all enveloped in the desert landscape – this is the perfect platform for holding your event. 

Desert Escape Experience

An engaging experience that combines trivia questions and physical activity that will take you on a fascinating journey between wilderness navigation stations and give you a unique and bonding experience. The game will make your family outing fun, challenging and forever remembered as an exceptional experience! The game is suitable for families, couples and groups.

In the Area

A variety of experiences suitable for all ages in the spirit of the place await you in the area: enchanting hiking trails, on foot, by bike or car. Spas and treatments, several restaurants, rock artist village, star sightings, prairie harvesting, antelope and alligator farm, visitor centers and diverse agricultural tours.

Giving Back to the Community

The Travelers’ Cabin in Nof Zuqim is a community project established with the help of nature loving volunteers and donations for hikers and riders in the “Israel Trail.” Our Desert Peace Center is a new project dedicated to promoting peace among us, our surroundings and our neighbors.

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