A Dream in the Desert

״Dorit and Tomer Linzenberg are visionary people who truly have a passion for nature, specifically the desert. They pursued their love for nature by creating Nof Zuqim. 

 Dorit and Tomer share their passion of nature with their own children, their guests and their staff. 

 Now, as they live in the Negev Desert, they are fulfilling their dream of creating a peaceful and comfortable stay for others. Nof Zuquim is tranquil, serene, and calm. As a result of Dorit and Tomer’s vision, Nof Zukim is a special place that encompasses love and strength throughout the whole resort. Their passion, and their energy truly embody what Nof Zuquim is all about.


Our Cabins

At Nof Zuqim, there are 12 spectacular stone cabins which are named after the desert streams and fitted for couples and families.
The cabins are located on the hills with surrounding desert views. All cabins are air conditioned which allow comfort all year long.
There are three cateogries of cabins with different landscape including panaromic view, mountain view, and Edom mountain view. The design and content of each cabin is the same.


Nof Zuqim’s outstanding restaurant is located overlooking a quiet horse farm, the desert cabins and endless desert mountain views. A sumptuous array of food including salads, spreads, breads, omlettes, and more awaits the hungry traveler. Everything is freshly cut, baked and made that morning, served buffet style. 


The workshop and retreats building is located in the center of Nof Zuqim, surrounded by spectacular wilderness. The Nof Zuqim tourism compound has a unique potential for events of all variety.


Desert Escape

‘Desert Escape’ experience is a scavenger hunt that combines trivia questions and physical activities that will take you on a fascinating journey through wilderness navigation stations. This experience is informative, unique and fun for all. The game is suitable for families, couples and groups and allows participants to get to know the desert environment in a special way.


The area around Nof Zukim offers a variety of experiences suitable for all ages in the spirit of the surrounding desert climate. Hiking and biking trails abound just west of the cabins or can be reached by car. In addition, the Israel Trail, which goes from the north to the south of the entire country is within easy access for both hikers and bikers.
Other amenities, include spa treatments, yoga,and a variety of restaurants. In the village of Zukim is an artists’ colony with beautiful works for sale. Nature lovers will be amazed by the starry night skies, antelopes and even an alligator farm close by. Visitors can join the many diverse agricultural tours in nearby areas.

Back to the community

The Hiker’s Lodge in Nof Zuqim is a socio-community project, built with the help of volunteers and donors of desert and nature for the hikers and riders in Israel Trail. This is a community cabin where you are the hosts of yourself and the hikers who will come after you.

Desert Center for Peace is our newest project that is main purpose is to promote peace amoung ourselves, our sourdings and neighbores.