Desert Escape

‘Desert Escape’ combines trivia questions and physical activities that will take you on a fascinating journey through wilderness navigation stations and give you a formative and unique experience.

The game makes for a great family outing. It is fun, challenging, and will challenge your knowledge! It allows participants to learn more about the desert and its community. The game is suitable for families, couples and groups.

Game is available in Hebrew and English and we can adjust the game based on the size of your team.

חפש את המטמון
  • Play time is two hours and includes a 3-4 km walk
  • Price – 50 NIS per participant over the age of three
  • Group price (over 30 participants) – 40 NIS
  • Nof Zuqim guests – 30 NIS
  • No minimum participants
  • Start location – The Travelers Cabin in Nof Zuqim
  • Operating hours vary according to the season – Coordinate with us in advance
  • Breakfast / brunch / layout can be added to the breathtaking desert landscape.

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