Nof Zuqim tourism compound is available for events!

The Workshop and Retreats building is located in the center of Nof Zuqim surrounded by spectacular wilderness. To the North, the Tsofar and Ashush rivers meet. In the East the Edom Mountains are visible and you may find an orchard on the horizon.
The main hall is 130 square meters and has a foyer with a kitchen, toilets and shower. It is fully equipped with advanced audio system and wireless internet. The center is suitable for a wide range of uses including:

Desert Peace Center

Workshops | Retreats | Conferences

Have a community that you want to bring together? Share your community in our peaceful space where you are able to organize meetings, talk with one another, and bring a team together.

Desert Bonding

Social Events | Fun Days | Team building

The perfect space to disengage from daily routine is set up for pampering, and community. Connect with others and make others feel wonderful in our space of serenity and stillness.

Offsite Management

Lectures | Executive Meetings | An office in a desert landscape 

A powerful place to inspire your team and build leaders. Convenient to bring together and build a fierce team, our abode allows meetings, development, and success in the comfort of the desert.