The Nof Zuqim accommodation compound provides a unique opportunity for events in many shades and colors

Desert Peace Center

Workshops | Retreats | Conferences

The Workshop and Retreat building is located in the center of Nof Zuqim, surrounded by spectacular wilderness. At its northern footfall, the meeting of Tsofar and Ashush rivers, and in the east an orchard, with the Edom Mountains germinate on the horizon.

The main hall is 130 square meters and has a foyer with a kitchen, toilets and shower. Fully equipped with an advanced audio system and Wi-Fi. The center is suitable for a wide range of activities.

Desert Bonding

Social Events | Fun Days | Team building

A combination of spectacular and endless desert landscapes, complete disengagement from the daily routine, comfortable cabins and a pastoral pool make up the perfect platform for company gatherings and fraternity.

Offsite Management

Lectures | Executive Meetings | An office in a desert landscape

The power and inspiration of the desert, combined with maximum comfort, create the perfect atmosphere for senior management / development teams for making, fulfilling and succeeding.

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