Breakfast in Nof Zuqim

Facing endless desert landscapes, alongside a quiet horse farm and desert cabins, lies in pastorality Nof Zuqim’s restaurant.
In the plate will await you with various flavors of fresh and selected delicates. Everything is fresh – cut, baked and made that morning, and served in buffet style.

90 ₪ per Adult (Special price for Nof Zuqim guests – 70 ₪)
60 ₪ per Child – ages 2-14 (special price for Nof Zuqim guests – 50 ₪)

• An option for vegan and gluten-sensitive diners – The meal is Vegan Friendly
• The menu can be upgraded in advance. (Fresh orange juice, sweet pastries, cakes, quiches, soups) all homemade. 
• A buffet-style meal is served in the central structure of Nof Zuqim hospitality compound.
• Maximum group size for up to 50 people. (Special price for groups over 30 people)

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