A Dreamlike Desert

״Dorit and Tomer Linzenberg are visionary people with a great fondness to the desert, who walked with their hearts and did not give up even when there seemed to be no chance. Today they, their children and the staff live their dream and continue to dream and realize it every day. The uniqueness of the place is revealed among the words spoken and embodied in something that is felt even without words: Dorit and Tomer love the desert and are tied to it from head to toe. It is an unconditional love, of mutual respect and devotion, and it exists everywhere and effects everyone around them: family members, employees who are considered to be just like real family members and guests, many of whom return repeatedly” 

(Galit Sevilia) 

Our Cabbins

In Nof Zuqim there are 12 spectacular stone cabins, named after the desert streams and fitted for couples and families.
The cabins are located on the hills in a way that fits in with the desert environment. All cabins are air conditioned and allow a pleasant stay throughout the year.
The cabins differ in their landscape, divided into three levels of landscape and identity in their content and design.


Facing endless desert landscapes, alongside a quiet horse farm and desert cabins, lies in pastorality is Nof Zuqim’s restaurant. A plate will await you with various flavors of fresh and selected delicates. Everything is fresh – cut, baked and made that morning, and served in buffet style.


Workshop and Retreats building is located in the center of Nof Zuqim, surrounded by spectacular wilderness. Nof Zuqim tourism compound has a unique potential for events in many shades and colors


Desert Escape

‘Desert Escape’ combines trivia questions and physical activities that will take you on a fascinating journey through wilderness navigation stations and give you a formative and unique experience. The game will make family outing fun, challenging and memorable as an exceptional experience. The game is suitable for families, couples and groups and allows participants to get to know the desert environment in a special way.


A variety of experiences suitable for all ages in the spirit of the place await you in the area: Enchanting hiking trails, on foot, bike or car.
Spas and treatments, varied restaurants, rock artists’ village, star sightings, prairie harvesting, antelopes and alligators farm, visitor centers and diverse agricultural tours.

Back to the community

The Hiker’s Lodge in Nof Zuqim is a socio-community project, built with the help of volunteers and donors of desert and nature for the hikers and riders in Israel Trail. This is a community cabin where you are the hosts of yourself and the hikers who will come after you.

Desert Center for Peace is our newest project that is main purpose is to promote peace amoung ourselves, our sourdings and neighbores.